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The Next Level of Preparation NEET PG Crystal Clear 2016-2020
Thameem Saif Leading Faculty of Medicine
Apurv Mehra Leading Faculty of Orthopedics

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Edition 2/e
Publish Year2020
Size 8.5" x 11"
Cover TypePaper Back
With CD/DVD No
FormatSingle Color
Quick Overview
The NEET PG-The Crystal Clear Book is a compilation of all the topics, spanning all 19 subjects, that you need to revise before you enter the examination hall. This book aims at providing an insight to the pattern of NEET PG exam and at the same time equipping students with a topic based quick review of the most important concepts and facts that have been labelled high-yield by our team of toppers. FREQUENT REVISIONS have been emphasized as a key determinant to success in NEET-PG by all faculties and toppers. The most important aspect while revising is the ART OF PRIORITIZING the content. Many students find it difficult to determine which topics to stress upon in revision and which ones to leave. At that juncture, this book will be the saviour for you. Along with highlighting the MUST KNOW TOPICS for exams, it will also help you quickly brush up the most vital information that you cannot afford to miss. It will help you build up confidence because you will be sure that you have read what was supposed to be read! This book can act as the base, with students adding their own updates, mnemonics, sticky notes and cheat sheets to it.
Key Features
  • Concise text on all hot topics.
  • Based on NEET-PG pattern.
  • Unique compilation of all 19 subjects.
  • Authentic MCQs with detailed explanations.
  • Important pictures and tables are included.
  • Most recent exam questions.
  • Covers all important concepts and facts.
  • Must-know topics for exams are highlighted.
Target Audience
  • Must-read book for all medical students preparing for the NEET PG exam
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