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Handbook of Pharmacology for Nursing Students
Keshab Raj Paudel MD

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Publish Year2022
Size5.5" x 8.5"
cover TypePaper Back
FormatSingle Color
Weight (Grams) 190 Grams
Quick Overview
Students who love to read concise informative materials in short time can be benefited from this book. The information provided in the book is helpful for easy revising mainly during examination times. Moreover, different topics from different BSc (Nursing) Pharmacology curricula have been incorporated so that students from different universities find this book highly beneficial. Within each chapter, emphasis has been given to include relevant information while restricting the overloaded information. In systemic Pharmacology, brief classifications, mechanisms of action, important uses, contraindications and side effects have been tried to include in each chapter wherever applicable. Some pharmacological calculations, prescription writing, rational drug prescribing (WHO guidelines), essential medicines, emergency medicines, monoclonal antibodies, drug-food and drug-drug interactions, etc have been incorporated in this book. The author believes that students, teachers and other users of the book will find it equally useful. However, suggestions for any shortcomings of the book are always welcome from the valued readers and further improvement will be attempted in the upcoming editions.
Key Features
  • Designed for BSc Nursing incorporating different curricula under different universities.
  • Concise book for quick reading.
  • Every chapter has been updated to keep abreast with recent advancements, discoveries and guidelines in the treatment approaches.
  • New contents have been added in ANS, antidiabetic drugs, monoclonal antibodies, drug-food and drug-drug interactions, etc., due to increasing expansion and significance of these topics in clinical arena.
Target Audience
BSc Nursing Students
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