Nursing Communications and Educational Technology

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      The expanded quantum of technology in nursing profession has redefined competencies generating opportunities for purpose - oriented actions and commitment - driven society. And the nurse educators are challenged to meet the complex needs of the current nursing students and humanize their courses by intentionally designing relevant curriculum in a supportive learning environment. This book begins with the chapter titled Communication related to the title of the book. Besides, the concepts of communication, application of the same in the context of nursing field are emphasized. It is continued with chapter two Interpersonal relations where the relationship of a nurse and patient is emphasized. Application of Pepalu's theory, transactional analysis and Johari window furnishes extensive explanation of interpersonal relations. It is further continued with chapter three Human relations that describe the fundamental concepts and its application in health care environment. It is further expanded with the concept of groups. Subsequently, chapter four is continued with Guidance and counseling. This chapter envelopes the principles, functions, organization of guidance and counseling in a nursing organization. The tools and techniques of counseling and managing personal crisis are dealt with. Chapter five is stretched with philosophy and education where the general concepts of each, interdependence and various traditional and contemporary philosophies are included. Chapter six is enlarged on Curriculum. It is elaborated by the concepts, influencing factors, curriculum model, and curriculum construction and is extended with course planning, unit planning and lesson planning. Chapter seven exclusively is detailed on educational objectives laying emphasis on Bloom's taxonomy. Subsequent to it, chapter eight deals with Educational technology that is briefed on its scope, general objectives, functions and its contribution. Chapter nine is expanded on Teaching and learning process which furnishes principles, characteristics, theories, laws and the strategies. It is continued with chapter ten and eleven on Methods of teaching and Clinical teaching. It encompasses teaching methods that can be effectively and efficiently used in class rooms, laboratories and clinicals. Chapter twelve is enlarged with Educational media which deals with almost all aids that can create a strong impact to the teaching. Followed with it is chapter thirteen on evaluation. It is broadened with entire details of evaluation that are executed in the learning environment. It extends to the last chapter fourteen on information, education and communication for health which incorporates the principles of communication in disseminating health information to individual, families and communities by various media.


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