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Difficult Asthma: Clinical Focus Series
Liam G Heaney MD MRCP
Andrew Menzies-Gow BSc MBBS PhD FRCP

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Publish Year2013
Size6.5" X 9"
Cover TypePaper Back
Quick Overview
The purpose of this book is to provide medical students, postgraduate fellows, general practitioners, and specialists a succinct, easy-to-read, well-illustrated, and comprehensive review of difficult asthma. The book brings together the opinion of international experts in the field and provides a pragmatic overview of the clinical problems, giving an insight into the complexity of this population and providing a framework for managing these patients. It covers the etiology, pathogenesis, and management of refractory asthma and novel therapeutic approaches in this group. Importantly, it gives an insight into the patient’s perspective of severe asthma and the associated disproportionate use of healthcare resources and major economic burden of poorly controlled asthma.
Key Features
• Provides a focussed, up-to-date summary of clinical assessment and management of this complex clinical problem, which will be invaluable for clinicians aiming to establish an optimized clinical service

• Defines the current scientific understanding of the immunological mechanisms and disease heterogeneity that are important in refractory asthma

• Provides an insight into how having refractory asthma can affect the physical and psychological aspects of a person's life and outlines the societal cost and economic burden of this condition

• Examines the role of novel therapeutic strategies for refractory asthma

• Defines the important research priorities to advance our understanding of this clinical area.
Target Audience
Medical Students, Postgraduate Fellows, General Practitioners, Specialists, Pulmonologists, Internists.
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