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Textbook of Pathology for Allied Health Sciences
Ramadas Nayak MBBS MD

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Edition1/e Reprint
Publish Year2023
Size8.5 X 11"
cover TypePaper Back
FormatSingle Color
Weight (Grams) 955
Quick Overview
This book consists of 39 chapters and is organized into three sections namely General Pathology, Systemic Pathology and Clinical Pathology. Section 1 (Chapters 1–10): It consists of general pathology and provides an overview of the basic pathologic mechanisms underlying diseases including cellular adaptations, inflammation, tissue repair, chronic inflammation, hemodynamic disorders, immunological disorders, neoplasia, genetics and radiation. Section 2 (Chapters 11–29): It deals with systemic pathology with chapters devoted to diseases of various organ systems including vascular, cardiac, hematology, lymph nodes, respiratory, head and neck, gastrointestinal, liver and biliary tract, pancreas, urinary, male genital tract, female genital tract, breast, bones, joints and soft tissue tumors, endocrines, diabetes mellitus, skin, peripheral nervous system and skeletal muscles, central nervous system, and eye. Section 3 (Chapters 30–39): It deals with clinical pathology with chapter on anticoagulants and hemoglobin estimation, blood cell counts, hematocrit, ESR estimation and peripheral blood smear examination, reticulocyte count, bone marrow examination, cerebrospinal fluid examination, body fluids, gastric analysis, and sputum examination, semen analysis, urine analysis and stool examination. After many years (more than 36 years) of teaching students of allied health sciences, I found there is no textbook meant solely only for these students. These students struggle to read textbooks meant for medical and dental students and end up in getting poor results in examination. I also observed that students of allied health sciences find it difficult to understand, remember and answer the questions during examinations, in a satisfying way. This encouraged me to write a book to fill the niche, to provide basic information to students of allied health sciences in a nutshell. The text provides all the basic information, the student will ever need to know. Key points are shown in bold letters so that student can rapidly go through the book on the previous day or just before the examination. Most students are fundamentally “visually oriented.” As the saying “one picture is worth a thousand words”, it encouraged me to provide many illustrations.
Key Features
• Provides basic concepts of diseases required to be known by students of allied health sciences. These courses include BMLT, BSc Anesthesia Technology, BASLP, BSc Cardiac Care Technology, BCVT, BSc MRT, BSc OT Technology, BSc OPT, BSc Perfusion Technology, BPT, BSc RTT, BSc Renal Dialysis Technology and BSc Respiratory Care Technology

• Includes the course contents needed for BAMS, BHMS and BSMS. This book can also be used as a LMR (last minute reading) for even medical and dental students

• Provides knowledge in a simple, lucid and easily understandable and reproducible format

• Richly illustrated

• Book is divided into three sections namely General Pathology, Systemic Pathology and Clinical Pathology

• Concise text in bullet form for easy review and recollection

• Key points are provided in bold letters so that it will help the student to just brush through the entire book within a few hours before the examination or viva voce

• Provides usual questions asked in the examination

• Text enhanced with numerous illustrations, gross photographs, photomicrographs, tables, flowcharts and X-rays.
Target Audience
Students of allied health sciences.
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