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Interesting Cases in Hypertension: Useful Lessons on Management
Chief Editor: Gurpreet S Wander MD DM
Editors: Siddharth N Shah, YP Munjal, M Chenniappan, Falguni S Parikh, Narinder Pal Singh, Anupam Prakash, Nihar P Mehta, Vitull Gupta

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Publish Year2020
Size6.25" x 9.5"
cover TypePaper Back
FormatSingle Color
Quick Overview
Hypertension is another name for high blood pressure. It can lead to severe complications and increases the risk of heart disease, stroke, and death. Blood pressure is the force exerted by the blood against the walls of the blood vessels. This book presents a selection of clinical case scenarios illustrating diagnostic and management techniques for hypertension. Divided into ten sections, the text begins with discussion on hypertension and associated risk factors, and different types of hypertension. The following sections cover ECGs, diagnosis, and cases of hypertension with comorbidities including pregnancy, renal disorders and vascular conditions. The final section examines secondary hypertension. Each chapter features a clinical case with detailed discussion on diagnosis and management strategies, followed by a selection of questions for self assessment and further learning.
Key Features
  • This is a unique book covering around 50 case scenarios specifically related to hypertension.
  • The book has 230 MCQs on hypertension from various case scenarios which have been divided into 9 sections of various aspects of hypertension with different modes of presentation of patients.
  • Each section of this book has been written by experts and professionals in their respective fields. Particular chapter in the book covers case scenarios followed by a detailed discussion regarding the management and treatment strategies pertaining to that case; which is further followed by questions for self-assessment of doctors which can be accessed online.
  • Several books have been published regarding hypertension but none of the books exclusively discuss the various case scenarios in hypertension; therefore, this book is one of its kind and will be extremely helpful to medical professionals and practitioners.
Target Audience
  • Medical professionals and practitioners
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